Remember that time Chris Brown savagely beat up and nearly choked the life out of his then-girlfriend Rihanna before she managed to loosen his grip by "attempting to gouge his eyes"?

Well, someone in Sweden sure does.

Brown is due to perform in Stockholm on the 19th of November, and posters promoting the concerts have been popping up all over town. Except, unlike typical concert-promoting posters that doesn't show photos of the woman Chris Brown nearly killed with his bare hands, these do.

"In Stockholm people are showing their dislike that Chris Brown is coming to town by posting these posters," tweeted Sweden's official Twitter account (which is run by a different Swede every week).

The person or persons responsible for this guerrilla marketing have yet to come forward, but they are apparently part of a larger movement that's attempting to pressure the concert's organizers to call it off.

Meanwhile, Rihanna, who recently announced a duet with Brown called "Nobodies Business" and may or may not be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, told Bravo's Andy Cohen her former flame/physical abuser was "pretty dope."

[H/T: TulsaWorld, photos via Getty, @sweden]