Treasured gift Lindsay Lohan has been forced to pull out of a much-hyped 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, after learning that Walters planned to use the interview as an attempt to interview her.

That kind of slick trick does not fly with Lohan.

Walters' interview with Lohan—a modern-day Frost/Nixon—made headlines when it was announced last month, as it was widely believed that Barbara would be the one to get to the bottom of Lindsay's troubles and perhaps even adopt her. Rubberneckers and LiLoyalists alike got so excited they immediately had to be checked into a hospital for "exhaustion" upon hearing the news.

But word is that Lohan dropped out of the interview (scheduled to occur later this week) at the last minute, when she discovered Walters planned to ask her, not only about her cool new Lifetime movie, but about her personal life as well.

Like, maybe prior to today Lindsay assumed Barbara's questions would all be things like, "What was your favorite thing about making this movie?" "What was your favorite color about making this movie?" "Does this movie make you feel happy face or winky face?"

Meanwhile, Barbara was planning to ask about things like Lohan's June car crash, allegations she lied to police following her June car crash, a leaked phone call in which she accused her mom of being on cocaine, and also, a general "What the hell?"

Page Six writes that Lindsay "feels terrible" for canceling the interview "because she considers Walters a family friend." The mother she never had. The mother she never met.

In response to the very public high-five hand left hanging, a spokesman for ABC News said:

"We are disappointed that Lindsay cancelled the interview and wish her well."

The discussion of this incident will no doubt provide an uncomfortable few moments of television if Walters ever does successfully wrangle Lohan in for a chat.

UPDATE: As a reader pointed out in the comments, there were reports in October that Lohan only agreed to do the interview after her Lifetime producers said they would pay off her $46,000 Chateau Marmont bill if she did. So perhaps the new plan is just to ask the producers very, very nicely to pay the bill?

[Page Six // Image via AP]