In the wake of Mitt Romney's electoral trouncing, his supporters have been threatening to move to even more socialist countries, like Canada and Australia. But, it now appears that science, of all things, has discovered just the right place for them. Astronomers announced today that they had discovered a 'Super-Earth' that may be capable of supporting human life.

The planet, known as HD 40307G, or Lenny for short, is on only 42 light-years away from Earth, which is pretty much the distance from where you are sitting to the fridge multiplied by forever. Lenny orbits a star called HD 40307, which is slightly smaller than our sun and definitely not as fantastic. Nevetheless, scientists believe that Lenny is in the 'Goldilocks Zone', or just the right distance from the star, so that it neither too hot nor too cold to support life. Indeed, Lenny might even have water on its surface.

Unfortunately, nobody has actually ever seen Lenny. Instead, scientists used a High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS), which comes installed on any new 2013 Toyota Prius. HARPS detects planets by looking at stars to detect wobbles caused by the gravitational pull of its surrounding planets. Scientists believe that once they get around to building a telescope strong enough to see 42 light-years away, they will see a planet just like ours except seven times bigger.

Mikko Tuomi, the head of the study, when asked what the odds were that this was a planet like Earth, said " If I had to guess, I would say 50-50. But the truth at the moment is that we simply do not know whether the planet is a large Earth or a small, warm Neptune without a solid surface." But, when you are living in a socialist and godless society, I would say those are pretty good odds. So, pack your bags disgruntled Romney supporters, home is only 42 light-years away.