A man running for city council in Northern Kentucky would have won the election — if only his wife had voted for him.

Robert McDonald, who is seeking a seat on the Walton City Council, is currently tied at 669 votes each with his opponent Olivia Ballou.

That unlikely result would be amusing if not for the fact that McDonald's wife would have cast the deciding ballot — that is, if she had gone to the polls.

Katie, who juggles nursing school, a job at a local hospital, and three kids, was simply too busy to find the time to vote.

"If she had just been able to get in to vote, we wouldn't be going through any of this," McDonald told The Kentucky Enquirer. "You never think it will come down to one vote, but I'm here to tell you that it does."

The Enquirer explains that an absentee ballot was not a viable option for Katie as Kentucky laws on early voting are far too restrictive.

"She feels bad enough," said McDonald, who added that his wife asked if she should run to her polling place before it closed, but he told he "didn't think one vote would matter."

Unless either candidate requests a recanvass or a recount, the election will likely be decided by a simple coin toss.

[H/T: MSN Now, photo via Shutterstock]