Four years ago, Stranger staffer Renée Krulich was celebrating Barack Obama's victory with millions of others across the country when she suddenly received a "random text of excitement" from someone she didn't know.

"I saved this on my phone for four years, it became the oldest thing on my phone and sort of a great story to tell people and show them," she told The Stranger's blog, the aptly named Slog. "To me it summed up the spirit of the elections that year. Strangers/citizens coming together and voting with conviction and rising up to celebrate that win."

Fast-forward four years to Tuesday night (well, technically, early Wednesday morning): President Obama's reelection.

"[M]y long-term hope was that four years would pass and Obama would run again and Obama would win and I could hopefully talk to that same person again," Renée said.

Turns out, keeping hope alive was worth it. The excited texter hadn't changed phone numbers in the past four years, and the two were able to reconnect.

A happy ending to a perfect metaphor.

Make sure to check out the full exchange over at Slog.

[H/T: MetaFilter, images via Slog]