Dog food repurposing factory Taco Bell, which is in the process of becoming "upscale" in the sense of "selling food with a greater number of ingredients than a bean burrito," is rolling out some new Snaxxx that are perfectly suited to the sensitive and ever-evolving American palate. In the sense of "containing a quantity of carbohydrates sufficient to sustain a camel's complete journey through the harsh Sahara Desert."

Sure, they're adding the standard "same nachos but bigger" and "slightly different kind of fried and sugared dough." But here's the real prize, for America's Fourthmeal™ SnaKKKerz, via Ad Age:

Then, in the coming weeks, Taco Bell will also announce some savory snack foods in the form of wraps. Dubbed "loaded grillers," the savory snacks will essentially be nachos, chicken or a loaded baked potato, all wrapped in a tortilla.

Can you, maybe, wrap that baked potato in a tortilla, and then put it between two slices of white bread and cover it in mayonnaise, and then batter and deep fry it and cover it in powdered sugar? Thanks.

"Here is your baked potato wrapped in a tortilla." "Thank you. [Eats it]." This is a conversation that will take place in America soon.

[Photo: Jason Lam/ Flickr]