For a few brief, terrible moments, Mitt Romney was President-Elect.

But only online. And even then, only on his own transition website which was live for a minute before being scrubbed forever from the cache of history.

But not before Political Wire's Taegan Goddard managed to snag a few screenshots of the site that would have given us a first glimpse of Romney's America.

It's all here: From the throwback quote about a new "American century," to the rescheduling of inaugural events for January 21st because that's when Eisenhower and Reagan held theirs.

But the best part, Goddard notes, is "telling potential appointees they'll have to disclose their financials and income."

Check out the entire screencap series over at Political Wire. If you're still uncertain that you made the right decision backing the other guy, the slogan "smaller, simpler, smarter" should be all you need to set yourself straight.