This week in butthurtery: Longtime friend of Gawker Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republic thinks that, in the wake of another victory for President Obama, it's "time to tell any Democrats you know to fuck off and die."

Eric encourages fellow libertarians, normally noted for their calm demeanor and excellent social skills, to "express [their] hatred, shame, and outright disgust with anyone [they] know who voted Democrat" by unfriending, firing, and divorcing them. This blanket policy applies not only for known Obama voters but also for anyone who may seem to have "Democrat leanings."

Do you work for someone who voted for Obama? Quit your job. Co-workers who voted for Obama. Simply don't talk to them in the workplace, unless your boss instructs you too for work-related only purposes. Have clients who voted Democrat? Call them up this morning and tell them to take their business elsewhere's [sic].

Lest you get too excited about the prospect of A Day Without A Libertarian, Eric doesn't just recommend expatriation and secession. "When I'm at the Wal-Mart," he writes,

I make it a point to say loudly to the check-out clerk, "EBT, what is that for?" She inevitably says, "it's government assistance." I respond, "Oh, you mean welfare? Great. I work for a living. I'm paying for my food with my own hard-earned dollars. And other people get their food for free." And I look around with disgust, making sure others in line have heard me.

Prepare yourself for a wave of devoted patriots ensuring their voices get heard by making snide comments and rolling their eyes at Wal-Mart clerks, because they love this country. Eric can hardly contain his glee at how he plans to insult Democrats in future: spitting near but not at them (lest he be charged with spitting-related crimes), wearing insulting buttons ("Only Nazis Support Seat Belt Laws") and always trolling - trolling - trolling towards freedom.

(For those of you unsure whether or not it's worth giving him the traffic, go ahead and click over. He's got Comic Sans!)