So hey, Washington and Colorado legalized weed yesterday, which is AWESOME and makes me want to smoke a bowl and listen to My Bloody Valentine while naked.

Unfortunately, those new state laws come into direct conflict with the Federal government, which still classifies weed as a dangerous narcotic. The Feds have been a bit wishy washy about actually enforcing this outdated classification, and no one really knows what's gonna happen once weed starts being sold for recreational use in those two states. But for some bizarre reason, it doesn't seem like the Feds or Congress is any hurry to un-fuck themselves. From the Seattle Times:

The Department of Justice's enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance.

This is remarkably stupid. I realize that Congress is full of lunatics and jackasses and that nothing will ever change that, but enough already. Here we have a new state law that should be applauded by liberals and conservatives alike. Liberals love weed. Conservatives love states being allowed to do whatever they want. The only people who could possibly oppose re-classifying weed are moral dinosaurs like former Obama administration drug policy advisor Dr. Kevin Sabet. Listen to this idiot:

"The question voters should be asking themselves," Sabet said, "before voting on these initiatives is this: Is your right to buy pot from a store down the street worth the risk of increased teenage drug abuse, increased enforcement action by the feds, and increased problems like 'stoned driving?'"

Seriously? The President hired this guy? GIMME MY VOTE BACK, PLEASE. "Hey kids, is it really worth the risk to buy yourself a legal doobie when we could arbitrarily decide to enforce our own archaic law that your state just formally declared as bullshit?" I can't think of a more egregious waste of time for the DEA and Department of Justice than to bother with this. So please, Federal appeals court, end this stupidity. Let us all smoke up in peace. Washington and Colorado voted for that shit! YOU CAN'T BOGART THEIR LAWS, MAN. THAT IS SO NOT COOL.