Feeling pretty satisfied with yourselves this morning, Obama supporters? Feeling real "proud" that your man won? Feeling nice and positive about all the "good things" that might happen over the next four years?


Hang your heads, all you people proudly displaying our "I Voted" stickers. You haven't just let down your country; you've let down A-list movie star scion and aspiring pop-hop/ R&B singer Chester "Chet Haze" Hanks, who's been known to drop a little knowledge from time to time on the social media platform of the day, The Twitter. And yesterday—while many of you were standing in line at polling station like so many mindless heads of cattle—Chet was kind enough to proffer some sobering political analysis:

He also wrote "Fuckboi shoot yo stylist" yesterday, but we cannot confirm that he was referring to fuckboi voters specifically.

[Photo: FB]