It's true: President Obama has been reelected, winning both the electoral college and maybe the popular vote, and destroying the hopes of millions and millions of rabid conservative Americans in the span of a few hours. Over the next several days and years and months everyone is going to offer their complaints and arguments and suspicions about why Obama won and Mitt Romney lost. Many of those opinions will be wrong, and some of them will be right, but for now let's forget about them and celebrate.

A horrible, seemingly endless slog of political divisiveness that's lasted for months now has come to an end. Tomorrow, a horrible, seemingly endless slog of political divisiveness will begin again (rumor has it that Fox News staffers are already bickering amongst themselves on air like psychopaths about whether Obama won Ohio, which doesn't matter at this point). Right now, whether you voted or volunteered or simply just existed in this madness day in and day out for what seemed like forever, you deserve a beer. Have one.