It is Election Day! Time for Americans to come together after months and months of vindictive, divisive, hateful caterwauling about politics and finally put all the barking to a vote. Instagram user outmouth voted for "a gay dog" for president, as you can see above. That was probably not a wise decision, especially if he or she lives in Ohio. But that's the beauty of democracy: Every clown and madman gets to do it as long as they're over 18 and haven't committed a felony.

Tell us who and what you voted for here. Did you go with outmouth and the gay dog? Or did you do the human thing and vote for Obama? Are you a libertarian who likes guaranteed loser Gary Johnson? Heck, maybe you made the conscious decision to not vote at all, which is a political act in and of itself—we'd like to know why you did that. Also, ballot initiatives: Which ones did you support or not support in your neck of the woods? We want to know it all.

P.S. Because people tend to take this stuff personally, be passionate, but try to speak to one another like decent human beings, maybe?