Was your main beef with Britney and Lynne Spears' 2001 novel A Mother's Gift that it eventually drew to a close, rather than continuing on for an infinite number of pages, seemingly writing itself even as you read on, forever adding new chapters to the lives of musically gifted teenager Holly Lovell and her birthmarked mother, Wanda, whose "ugly red scar on the side of her face...makes people who don't know her turn away"?

You are in luck. Novelist Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to write another novel.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Spears, inspired by a lifelong love of reading the success of Lauren Conrad's best-selling fictionalized retelling of her life story, L.A. Candy, is in talks with HarperCollins to pen a similar book of her own.

Although past experience has shown that fictionalized retellings of Lauren Conrad's life story are big sellers, Spears' book would likely use her own life as its basis.

Here is a typical Amazon review of A Mother's Gift, so you know what to expect from the follow-up:

This book is all about a girl who wants to become a star. Britney Spears book called a mother's gift is all about Wanda and Holly. Also recommended: Hanson: Pop People, Bayside Madness, Computer Confusion, Behind the Scene with Saved by the bell, Mark-Paul Gosselaar(Zack Morris)Ultimate Gold and other Britney Spears Books. If you are a Britney fan, then this book is for you.

Can't wait.

[The Hollywood Reporter // Image via Getty]