The annual Guy Fawkes Night fireworks display at Pentland Community Centre in Edinburgh needs no rhyme to be remembered, as the inadvertent lighting of dozens of rockets gave spectators a show that will never be forgot.

The management committee released a statement blaming the "freak accident" on a rocket that had misfired into the undetonated fireworks, causing them to be set off "all at once."

The statement went on to note that this was the first time in the event's ten-year history that an accident had occurred, and that, otherwise, it was "a well-organised event."

One attendee, a young girl, suffered minor burns on her face as a result of the incident, but no other injuries were reported.

As for the person seen standing feet away from the fireworks, it is unclear what his deal is, but the person who captured the scene on camera remarked that he "has nerves of steel, and probably won't be able to hear very well for a while."

[video via BBC News]