It's Election Day in America! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, so many things. This already, from a reader in Pennsylvania:

Poll workers ARE asking for your ID in PA. The lady that asked me for it said 'well I'd really like to see it'. She also needed three run throughs on her sheet to even find me. She did this for everyone ahead of me, and couldn't find 4 of them (i was #8 at my spot). Then they said my signature wasn't close enough to my previous signature. I've voted in ten straight elections and all of a sudden I'm a fishy voter. This going to go well.

Throughout the day, we're eager to hear your voting stories and struggles. Share any personal or rumored voting irregularities here (including photos, if you can), and we'll round them up at the end of the day.

Photo via sarahdnyclondon.