Any good liar will tell you that the most important part of lying is sticking to your story no matter what.

This is incorrect. The most important part of lying is making sure that no one will be able to figure out you're lying unless you tell them so yourself, and then sticking to your story no matter what.

Lindsay Lohan got it half right.

TMZ reports that the actress will soon be charged with obstruction of justice, for lying to a police officer after her car accident. Not the car accident you're thinking of. The one that happened way back in June, a million car accidents ago, when her Porsche collided with an 18-wheeler.

TMZ reports that Lohan lied to police when first questioned about the collision, telling them she was a passenger in the car, rather than the driver. Excellent lie. Clean. Classic. Unfortunately, multiple witnesses confirmed she was the one behind the wheel.

Lindsay forgot to kill the witnesses.

Because she's currently on "informal" probation - meaning she no longer has to check in with a probation officer - for a 2011 jewelry theft, criminal charges could mean jail time. (At Lohan's final probation hearing, a judge told her "The only terms for you are for you to obey all laws." She came so close.)

TMZ also reports that authorities were planning to charge Lohan with drug-related crimes, because prescription pills were found in her purse and scattered in the trunk of her Porsche after the crash. Because Lohan was able to prove that the medication was prescribed by a doctor, the only pill-related charge —"keeping a messy trunk"—will be filed by the Clean Police.

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