If you haven't had a kid yet, you have, like, ten months to birth that thing and age it 13 years so that you have an excuse to watch the Boy Meets World sequel series that was announced over the weekend.

TVLine reports that the show, still in the early development stages at Disney (the network that brought you Dog with a Blog), is expected to follow the life of Cory and Topanga Matthews' unnamed preteen daughter. (Presumably the daughter will have a name by the time the series debuts. Though, if she didn't, that would be classic Topanga.)

It will be called Girl Meets World.

In even better news, TVLine reports that Disney is trying to bring back actors Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel to reprise their original roles as the World's Most Perfect Couple With Extremely Discordant Hair Textures.

Fishel fueled rumors this weekend by sending out a cryptic tweet that either suggests a reunion is imminent or is about a weird sex thing:

Until an official announcement is made, the world has contented itself to quietly freak out while frantically opening and closing one of those paper fortune teller things, in search of answers, truth, and Light.

If the series happens, do you hope it will be more like Boy Meets World: Classic, which dealt with real issues (teen homelessness) and 90s fashions (very long hair on girls) or Boy Meets World: Nouvelle Vague in which Eric mentally regressed to age 6 and Topanga got all curvy? Do you think they will live next door to Mr. Feeny? Do you think the Unnamed Teen's broody, drug-addicted "Uncle" Shawn will try to make her drink beer? Which of the two actresses who played Morgan Matthews did you prefer?

It's a very exciting time.

(It's the 90's.)

[TVLine // Images via Getty]