In Hurricane Sandy's deadly wake, New York City lost its power. It lost its hot water. It lost businesses, and homes, and dreams. But there is one thing that no devastating natural disaster can take away from us: the hateful rantings of tabloid sexpot Andrea Peyser.

If you were concerned that the spirit of unity that has engulfed our fair city might somehow blunt Andrea Peyser's edge- might, through sheer force of positivity, soothe the savage cat beast (Andrea Peyser)- allow us to allay your fears. Hurricane Sandy has simply given our sour friend a new, easy angle to use when raving against her favorite targets. Today: Andrea Peyser is enraged at a celebrity Halloween party:

The shindig, with tables going from $10,000 to $65,000, and co-chaired by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, was barely 10 blocks from 40th Street. Below that line, thousands of New Yorkers lived without electricity, running water or hope, food spoiling in idle ice boxes.

It was some 26 blocks from the spot on East 24th Street where elderly and disabled Didi D'Errico, 65, a retired actress, lives as a Prisoner of Second Avenue - unable to navigate the pitch-black staircases seven floors above darkened and deserted streets.

Until I brought a turkey-and-swiss sandwich to her songwriter husband, Carl, 70, they hadn't eaten a meal, save for rotting bananas, in days.

Can you imagine? A party, only a few miles away from Staten Island, where all those people are suffering. A party only several hundred miles away from Mississippi, where child literacy is shockingly low. A party only thousands of miles away from the slums of Mumbai, where people beg simply to survive. A shocking breach of human decency.

And I didn't see you carrying a turkey sandwich to Didi and Carl. Shocking.