So here I am, perched in a Dunkin Donuts, just north of the Dark Zone in NYC, blogging for as long as my mifi hangs in, with 53 minutes left on my laptop.

Last night was pretty chilly: one of the hounds crawled under the bed covers, the other buried herself under a blanket on the sofa. Still total darkness at night; punctuated by the occasional flash of police car lights.

Trapped in a dangerous Dunkin Donuts, mere minutes left on his mifi and laptop, Andrew Sullivan, our greatest chronicler of rugged urban life, manages to eke out another dispatch. The darkness of New York City may be "unfathomable," but future generations will study his words for a glimpse at how rich bloggers dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Previously in this series: Andrew Sullivan in a crowded Starbucks, Andrew Sullivan gets the wrong couch delivered to his apartment.