Dealing with a broken cell phone is pretty nightmarish. The thought of losing your precious contacts and funniest text messages is straight from the devil himself. Hopefully the workers fixing your prized mobile device will treat you better than a Verizon employee that helped a Florida waitress deal with some data loss. Josh Stuart told her that they were just switching the data from her old phone to her new one, but unbeknownst to her, he made copies of some x-rated nudie pics that she was storing on her cell phone.

Stuart then proceeded to share these pictures with at least one other employee, Gregory Lampert. Just picture those phone geeks sitting in the back room passing your sexts back and forth like trading cards. It's enough to make us go landline-only.

When a male customer, a bartender who happens to be a friend of the amateur photographer and waitress, entered the store, Stuart proceeded to brag about the hot pictures that he pilfered from some neighborhood waitress' phone. When he couldn't find them on his email inbox to show the customer, he asked Lampert for his phone and showed the customer over 20 scandalous stolen shots.

The male customer quickly told his waitress friend about what he saw and they went to the police. In questioning, Lampert confessed to receiving the pictures from Stuart and to stealing images from other customers. He was arrested and charged with dealing in stolen property and offenses against computer users.

Stuart is out of state right now and is expected to be arrested upon his return to Florida, where he will hopefully stick to regular smut from now on.

[Smoking Gun, Image via Shutterstock]