One thing you should not do, even though it looks like one of the Top Three Funnest Experiences a Human Being Can Have, is ride your jet ski through the flooded streets of your beachfront community during Hurricane Sandy, like this guy. YouTube user Right Coast Surf posted this video of himself tooling around a flooded Manasquan, New Jersey today. (Which, as Gothamist points out, is under mandatory evacuation.)

Update: Here is the apparent Facebook page of the guy in the video, Peter Miller, whose bio reads: "i pregame harder than u party." Miller's page has a bunch of other jet skiing videos from today posted on it.

[There was a video here]

Miller wasn't the only foolhardy jet skier out today. This guy was captured by local news cameras bouncing around with a GoPro camera off the coast of New York. Don't do this! You could die from the waves, or from having so much fun that your heart explodes. In general, you should put your jet ski in storage for the duration of the storm and sit inside and watch Hulu like the rest of us. (Although if you insist, please make sure to jet ski in full view of cameras like these two dudes, preferably with hair metal blaring from your speakers and a woman in a string bikini on your back.)