Unfortunately, when disaster strikes it affects not only the wretched Normals, but also a better, brighter class of people: Celebrities. Here's how they're handling it so far:

Al Roker is posing for classic weatherman pictures, taken with a "classic" Instagram filter:

Emma Watson sees the hurricane as God's viral marketing campaign for her new movie, Noah:

Take a break from calming your crying children to tell Gwyneth Paltrow where she should eat dinner tonight (She's in Spain):

Bette Midler is filling up her bathtub:

Pamela Anderson is worried about your pets — your greatest sources of food in a crisis:

Dr. Ruth is protecting your modesty or celebrating your exhibitionism:

Paris Hilton's life is beautiful:

Sandra Lee's boyfriend Governor Andrew Cuomo may have declared a state of emergency for New York, but mama needs a cocktail:

?uestlove is concerned for your safety, drunk ladies:

Cher's iPad is HOT and we r 1:

A magician had caviar for breakfast:

Everyone is being mean to Snooki:

Jimmy Fallon is desperate for an audience:

Ivanka Trump may have jumped the gun on her Hurricane Devastation Picture:

So that's the update from Hollywood and its global satellites. East Coasters, lock your windows and stay indoors tonight. It's getting rough out there. (The paparazzi are being INCREDIBLY rude today):