On this day when a true natural disaster is set to strike the East Coast, it's good to know that gutter-scraping tabloid The New York Post has found something completely absurd, with no real impact on anyone's lives, to get outraged about. Fine work.

There is a class at NYU—which is a university, where students go to learn things and think and discuss ideas—on "transnational terrorism," taught by a former military investigator who is also an Oxford Ph.D. The incredible outrage: students were asked to write a paper from the perspective of a terrorist, describing a hypothetical attack and its aftermath. Just imagine—writing a paper about terrorism, in a class about terrorism. Is this what our brave men and women invaded all those innocent countries for???

When told of the term paper, one ranking police officer who lost coworkers on 9/11 called it "the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

The NYPD lost 23 cops on that dark day, and the Port Authority saw 37 cops vanish in the rubble...

Another source worried that the assignment could become a primer in plotting attacks rather than counter-terrorism.

"This flies in the face of the 11 years of hard work the NYPD has done in tracking down terrorists to the far reaches of the globe to make sure they never strike again," said the source.

All those terrorists who've enrolled in NYU for the express purpose of learning about terrorism will now have some time to sit down and plan out their dastardly plans! Whereas without this class they would have had to plan out their plans in their own living room! No one should be allowed to talk about or contemplate terrorism in any way, shape, or form! (Unless you're a former New York mayor cashing in on 9/11.) Ideas are dangerous! Only police officers should have access to "ideas," for the sake of freedom.

"I have NYPD officers in my class," the professor points out.

New York Post out of America.

[NYP. Photo: AP]