Apocalyptic Snor'eastercane Sandy is upon the Northeast: flights are cancelled, school is closed, public transportation is shut down, and the supermarket is out of batteries and good soups. Here's a map of Sandy's projected path; New Yorkers, if you're wondering whether or not you live in an evacuation zone, here's a map. We recommend you read the following pieces (and write it all down on a piece of paper in case the power goes out).

Dramatic Aerial Photo of Atlantic City Reveals Large Chunk of Iconic Boardwalk Swept Away by Sandy

Hurricane Sandy lay waste to a large section of Atlantic City's iconic Boardwalk, with the storm itself still several miles off shore. The city, which lost power a short while ago, was under a mandatory evacuation, but some stayed behind and several business remained open. More »

How the Gays, Obama, and HAARP Caused Hurricane Sandy: the Web's Best Frankenstorm Conspiracy Theories

As Hurricane Sandy, now combined with a Nor'easter, bears down on the mid-Atlantic, people everywhere are looking for answers: will I be safe? What should I do? Where should I go? And most importantly, what shadowy organization, group, or cosmic force is manipulating the weather to cause this terrible storm? Luckily, the internet has answers to all those questions - especially the last one. More »

Here Are The Seven Most Absurd New York Times Hurricane Headlines So Far

In order to keep readers updated on Frankenstorm safety bulletins, the New York Times has temporarily lifted its paywall for online articles. It has also temporarily lifted its policy of not posting absurd shit. Here are the seven News-Out-of-Nothing-est headlines to come out of Frankenstorm so far. More »

Most of You Won't Die in this Hurricane So Why Aren't You Drunk Yet?

There are very few days 50 million people get permission by their employers and city officials to "stay home and be safe" which some people interpret as an open bar until Hurricane Sandy's temper tantrum ends. So please inform us in the discussion system what state of inebriation you're planning to be in once those gale-force winds start uprooting trees and stray cats across the city in the next few hours. More »

Think Before You Tweet: That Hurricane Picture Is Very Possibly Fake as Hell

Today, all a person needs is a smartphone and an internet connection and, with Twitter, they can be their own photojournalist, updating the site's millions of global users with up-to-the-minute images of events like Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, all that speed also allows for the instantaneous distribution of misinformation, as well, and from some of the biggest and most trusted names in media. More »

Caviar, Cocktails, and Concern: Celebrities React to Frankenstorm on Twitter

Unfortunately, when disaster strikes it affects not only the wretched Normals, but also a better, brighter class of people: Celebrities. Here's how they're handling it so far. More »

Manhattan Is Flooding and Sandy Hasn't Even Hit Yet

The worst of Hurricane Sandy isn't supposed to hit the New York City region until after 4 p.m. today, but signs of flooding have already begun in some parts of the city. (And New Jersey.) See the photos »

Surviving Sandy: Share Your Storm Stories, Videos and Pictures Here

If a hurricane makes landfall in a forest, and no one's there to Instagram it, did it really make landfall at all? As you sit out the Frankenstorm, we want to hear your stories and see your pictures (no fakes please). Share them here. More »

Ask Weather Underground's Atmospheric Scientist Angela Fritz About Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is here, and like many of you, we have no idea what that means in scientific terms. To help us better understand what the hell is going on up there, we're joined by Angela Fritz, an atmospheric scientist and expert in climatology who works and writes for Weather Underground. More »

The Shirtless Horse-Headed Man Running Around on Live TV Is Our Hurricane Sandy Spirit Animal

In times of fear and anxiety, of uncertainty and danger, when the winds are howling and the sky is crashing down - where do you turn? You turn to the shirtless guy in the horse mask jogging in the background of NBC's live coverage of Frankenstorm Sandy in Washington, D.C. More »