Kanye West has no problems bragging about Kim Kardashian in his songs, and unsurprisingly that also extends to real life. Earlier this week, Kanye performed at a party for Samsung at Skylight in New York. There, according to the New York Post's very professional gossip hounds, Kanye was being very Kanye.

The rapper was spotted showing off bikini shots of Kim Kardashian backstage at the Samsung Galaxy Note II event at Skylight. "Kanye was showing 2 Chainz pictures of Kim in a bikini," says a spy.

Kanye being constantly in awe of Kim would be cute if he wasn't always so gross about it. If Kanye had a sense of humor, he would ask his rapper friends if they wanted to see photos of Kim in a bikini and then he would open this link. Showing off Kim's selfies is much more in character, though, and I bet those probably share space on his iPhone along with these photos:

  • A tablecloth made entirely of white tiger fur
  • His scarves arranged very neatly on his bed
  • Creepshots of Bar Refaeli
  • Ryan Seacrest sitting in a private jet
  • Cocaine
  • A gold sculpture of Kim's ass
  • Marble cutlery
  • Jeans that he painted
  • A salmon filet
  • His penis

[via New York Post, image via Getty]