The GOP is pretty racist. I could list examples, but we'd be here for the rest of eternity. This week's particular "widely believed racist conspiracy that some old, white Republican was dumb enough to say in public" comes from Mitt Romney co-chair and ex-George H.W. Bush chief of staff John Sununu, who said that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama because Powell disagrees with Romney's foreign policy. Wait, no, it's because they're both black.

On Friday night, ex-Powell chief of staff and Republican Lawrence Wilkerson went on "The Ed Show" and said something that's blatantly obvious to most people, but is rare to hear from inside the GOP:

Let me just be candid: My party is full of racists, and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander-in-chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin, and that's despicable.

In the GOP's defense, Wilkerson willingly engaged in conversation with Ed Schultz, so it's possible that he's just insane, or was at least using a body double. But, let's not kid ourselves. Mitt Romney is polling at zero percent among blacks for a reason, and it's not because he's white.

[via Huffington Post]