On Wednesday, cool guy Eric Hartsburg auctioned off a 5-by-2 inch spot on the right side of his face for a Mitt Romney tattoo. The winning bid? $15,000, from an anonymous Republican eBay user. This means real estate on Hartsburg's face is worth $1,500 per square inch, which is pretty good considering the trio of lip piercings nearby.

At this point, fans of Indiana-based pro-wrestling circuits are thinking to themselves, "Eric Hartsburg, that sounds familiar - how do I know that name?" Maybe a close-up of his neck tattoo will remind you.

That's right, it's Erico, the world famous wrestler from Platinum Worldwide (no, not the limo company or the exotic home company).

Anyway, Erico didn't set out to get a Romney tattoo on his forehead; he was merely auctioning the space to the highest bidder on eBay. It just so happens Erico is on board with the cause.

"I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter," Hartsburg said. "I didn't mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it's something that I believe in."

So much so that he now sees real purpose in the tat. "In the beginning it was done for gags and publicity, but now I see it as a way to encourage young people to vote," he told ABC News.

He also sees himself as a sort of trailblazer for young people who might be ashamed of their conservative political instincts.

"I want young people to know that it's O.K. to be young, and it's O.K. to be a Republican. You don't have to be rich or elderly to be labeled as a Republican, and I want everyone to know that."

Unfortunately, ABC didn't follow up by asking if it was necessary for all young republicans to have their wrestling aliases tattooed on their necks. Perhaps because they know the answer is obviously yes.

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