Internet trolls earlier this week launched a concerted effort to get Justin Bieber fans to shave their heads for the bubblegum pop star by assaulting every social network with the "shocking news" that Bieber was diagnosed with cancer.

A Redditor who witnessed the operation take flight penned this first-hand account of the mayhem:

I was there when we started this shit. Somebody made a few twitter accounts, we edited Wikipedia, we spammed chat rooms, and we even posted here on Reddit (but it was deleted for lack of evidence). Somebody made a few fake news posts too which were convincing but without a link it wasn't enough.

Several photos of girls with shaved heads were thrown in for good measure, and a few short YouTube videos were produced for emphasis.

A fairly convincing website, now offline, was even set up, with the following exclamation:

Recently, information regarding our loving artist Justin Bieber has been leaked online. Justin has cancer. At his request, it was kept hidden with help from his agent, although some devious people figured out this secret and leaked it over the Internet. We would like to embrace this! SUPPORT BIEBER IN HIS STRUGGLE

After most ratfucking attempts failed to gain momentum, the Twitter hashtag #BaldForBieber became the main staging grounds for a last-ditch effort to get fans to believe their idol was truly ill.

Though several sites have claimed that a few Beliebers were ultimately fooled by the ruse, there appears to be no evidence of this on Twitter or elsewhere.

Rumor has it, the prank was exposed pretty earlier on — by the 4channers themselves.

This is why we can't have nice lulz.

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