A Georgia family is hoping for a happy ending after their home of twenty years was ransacked and stripped of possessions by a mob of bargain hunters responding to a Craigslist post advertising a "fairly large, free yard sale" in the driveway.

"Moving and we want everything to go for free," said the ad posted by Woodstock resident Michael Vercher, who lived with his sister, his mother, and his fiancee in the recently foreclosed house. "So come over and take whatever you want and how much you want."

Vercher scheduled the giveaway for October 24th at 10 AM, but said people showed up hours earlier, when no one was home and he was still at work.

When he eventually showed up, Vercher was shocked to find the house broken into and people rushing in and out "like ants" with all of his family's belongings.

He phoned the police, but most of the items were long gone by then.

Surprisingly, Vercher blames himself for the incident, telling 11Alive his ad wasn't well worded. "They probably thought that they were allowed to come [inside], and they saw other people coming in and out, and they thought it was OK," he said.

Vercher says he's willing to let bygones be bygones if the people who ransacked his house would just return the things they stole.

"We don't have much and now we have even less," he told the news station. "We don't hold any grudges against them, we just want our stuff back."

[H/T: MSNnow, screengrab via WXIA]