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Today, Psy performed "Gangnam Style" on The View, and I bet at least one member of its mature audience thought while waving her glowstick, "What is this 'open condom style,' and am I a hussy if I enjoy this nice foreign man's song about it?"

After the performance, the hosts of The View barked their trademark flood of questions at the South Korean native and then Sherri Shepherd asked if he could show them "how to do 'Gangnam Style.'" And so he did. And they did. Terribly. In Wayfarers.

It made an embarrassing song — the unholiest intersection of LMFAO-style EDM, Ricky Martin showboating, "The Macarena" and K-Pop — infinitely more embarrassing. It made it more embarrassing than even the "all stars" of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars did when they fucking ballroom danced to it earlier this week. It may still be No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, but "Gangnam Style" is officially dead. It's over. There is no life left to suck from it in a vain attempt at youth. It has outstayed its welcome.

Before you rejoice, though, be prepared to hear it at every wedding you attend for the rest of your life.