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Now a few months after the birth of her child, Snooki showed up for an interview with Access Hollywood this afternoon where she chatted with the hosts about her crossover from "fist pumping to breast pumping." When Kit Hoover asked why people were surprised by the Jersey Shore star's taking to motherhood, Snooki responded flatly: "Because they're assholes." Which slipped past the 7 second delay, much to the hosts' dismay.

Later Snooki revealed that even she had her doubts: "I was scared that I wasn't gonna have maternal instincts… cuz I wasn't really good with kids before… So I'm like ‘shit," she said before covering her mouth with her hands and apologizing. (This was cut from the interview because of the delay, but can be viewed here.)

As the 8 minute interview came to a close, Snooki was frightened by a low-flying pigeon. Luckily, host Billy Bush grabbed her hand just before she could let out another explicative or talk about milk leaking out of her nipples again.

Oh and by the way, Snooki—currently undecided—does plan on voting this election, just as soon as she gets around to watching those debates.

h/t Gossip Cop