The New York Times Style section is the most purposely loathsome newspaper section in America and should generally be avoided at all costs. But if you must read it, why not make a game out of it?

New York Times Style Section, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Newsletter?

Nowadays, young men and women often hang out together in groups, leaving some of them uncertain about where friendship ends and relationships begin. A series of hookups may or may not lead to a relationship, which can mean a longer period of uncertainty for women who are increasingly delaying marriage.

New York Times Style Section, or the "Pop Culture Happenings" Section of Your Mother's Whimsical Small-Town Community Newspaper Column?

POOR Lena Dunham. Whether the 24-year-old creator of HBO's "Girls" is posting a photo of herself wearing a Muslim veil or cracking jokes, she can't catch a break on Twitter.

New York Times Style Section, or the Republican National Committee's Manhattan Visitor's Guide?

THE CROWD As diverse as any subway rabble. On a recent Saturday night, there was an assortment of people in their late 20s and early 30s. A young woman sported a bachelorette tiara. Nearby, two young women took Instagram photos of themselves, as they sipped straws from the same chalice of an "antioxidant" vodka smoothie.

New York Times Style Section, or "Bedford-Stuyvesant" Wikipedia Page Edit by 24 Year-Old Editorial Assistant Who Recently Moved to Nostrand Ave. After Discovering, to Her Dismay, That She Could No Longer Afford to Live in Bushwick?

Historically, Bed-Stuy has been a predominantly African-American neighborhood of families who've handed down its notorious brownstones for generations. Famous artists have drawn inspiration from the neighborhood, including Spike Lee; Christopher Wallace, also known as Notorious B.I.G.; and Lil' Kim. Over the past several years this section of Brooklyn has morphed into a multifarious neighborhood now dense with as many Wi-Fi cafes and organic mini-marts as there are bodegas and barbershops.

New York Times Style Section, or's Blog Post, "How to Be Safe While Visiting New York City?"

Stay in well-populated New York City neighborhoods at night. Hail cabs in unfamiliar territory or if you feel uncomfortable or disoriented. Unless you know the area, approach certain neighborhoods with care at night, including the Lower East Side, the Meatpacking District, or Alphabet City in the East Village.

No cheating!

[Photo of NYT Style desk: vauvau/ Flickr]