Few details have been released so far, but here is what is known: FBI agents arrested a 28-year-old NYPD officer from Queens yesterday, and charged him with "conspiracy to kidnap, cook, and eat women."

The FBI refused to comment further, but it was suggested that the officer may have attempted to carry out his plan.

The officer, who had been assigned to Harlem's 26th Precinct, was apparently suspended yesterday. He is due to make his first court appearance later today.

UPDATE: More from ABC 7: The officer's name is Gilberto Valle III, and he was charged in connection with a plot to kidnap and cook as many as 100 women, including his girlfriend. The complaint stems from a series of online conversations Valle allegedly had with an accomplice, in which he remarks how "tasty" his girlfriend looks.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly released the following statement:

This is a bizarre case. We suspended the officer immediately upon his arrest, and a review is now underway to determine whether there was anything in his background that should have alerted the department to his alleged proclivities. I want to commend the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau detectives and FBI agents who worked jointly on this investigation.

[photo via AP]