Have you ever baked your phone into a dessert? Lost it up a cow's butthole? Dropped it off the side of a cruise ship while recreating the "I'm King of the World!" scene from Titanic with a guy you met in the buffet line?

These are just a few of the excuses some overly honest British people have given to their phone companies when filing insurance claims for lost or damaged phones, according to the Telegraph.

Obviously, this is nuts.

You don't tell AT&T that you dropped your phone inside a farm animal because you were using it as a flashlight while birthing a calf; you tell them that one day your Droid "just stopped working."

And you certainly don't tell Apple that your iPhone slipped softly into the sea while you were pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio off the side of a Carnival cruise ship. You just say it was stolen. (And it was, by capricious Zephyr.)

Sometimes, though, after lying up, down, and sideways to a phone company, it feels good to get the truth out.

What's the best worst way you've ever lost or damaged a mobile phone? Sping your tale in the comments below.

[Telegraph h/t "People Stupid" // Image via Shutterstock]