Dita Von Teese, the only burlesque queen that your mom knows by name, is currently plugging her new beauty book. In an 2600 word interview with beauty site Into The Gloss, she runs through her makeup routine in heavy detail. She also briefly talks about how she and ex-husband Marilyn Manson used to dye their hair black together, which really just warms your little black heart.

But most notably, she uses the interview to explain one of her golden rule. No hairy nipples allowed. Von Teese says:

My beauty book is going to be totally different from what's out there. I'm going to tell you that you have to pluck the nipple hairs off your nipples before a date-I'm here to tell you that.

Well Dita, we're here to listen and we shall pluck our little hearts out before our next date.

[Into The Gloss, Image via AP]