An Illinois man hoarding 200 birds "of varying species" has had his suburban Aurora townhome condemned after a painting contractor working outside the property noticed "several dead birds" inside the house.

While the story is full of awful details, like the fact that there has been "at least one ‘mass death' of the birds" since Dave Skeberdis began hoarding them seven years ago (possibly related to his power being shut off), there is a silver lining to this depressing tale: the bird names.

Here are the birds who received shout-outs in the story, ranked in order from "Good Bird Name" to "Best Bird Name In The World":

  • 4. Longstreet
  • 3. Doc
  • 2. Demon
  • 1. Liz Cojack

Animal Control has arranged for the birds to be inspected by a veterinarian and transferred to the Greater Chicago Bird Club rescue club once they are removed from the house.

[CBS Chicago // Image via Getty]