One of the most difficult things about Halloween is trying to pick a costume that is sexier than your mom's costume.

Kim Kardashian made a great attempt with last week's pornographic peanut display, but Kris Jenner blew her out of the water on Saturday, when she shared a photograph of the tops of her areolas with the world.

The costume was a unique spin on Kris Jenner's everyday look of Older Woman Who Is Desperate for Attention in that it featured a cape.

Jenner eventually removed the photo from her instagram page.

Luckily, by then it had been saved by her daughter, Khloe, who shared the image with her own followers, along with the caption:

"Hi nips, that's my mom."

With just over a week to go until October 31, it looks like Kim will have to resort to her Emergencies Only costume—naughty topless vulva—in order to out-sexy the woman who gave birth to her.

Image via Instagram