A woman found tied up inside her own vehicle in San Antonio told police she was carjacked near an ATM by a drug dealer with a knife and forced to drive around with him as he made his rounds.

The assailant, Sheila Bailey Eubank claimed, then choked her and bound her hands with rope before ditching her and the car in a field.

Despite the elaborate report, the 48-year-old's story soon started to unravel as police discovered a lottery ticket in her possession that had been purchased during the time she was allegedly being held hostage.

Surveillance footage from both the convenience store where the ticket was purchased and the ATM where Eubank claimed she had been carjacked revealed no crime had been committed.

After investigators asked Eubank to explain the inconsistencies, she relented and confessed to seeking attention and "a day off from work."

She was booked on a felony charge of aggravated perjury and her bail was set at $10,000.

[mug shot via San Antonio Express-News]