"It's extraordinary. We only see this in TV movies," veterinarian Philippe Michon exclaimed, describing the incredible survival story of Ethan — a Jack Russell terrier poisoned and left for dead inside a shallow grave.

Luckily for the pooch, a pedestrian walking along the lakeside path near Ethan's "grave" northern France noticed the ground moving and rushed to grab a shovel. After the dog was pulled from the ground "flat as a pancake," firefighters transported him to Michon's office for treatment.

The vet says Ethan was "completely cold" and "barely breathing," so he used hot water bottles to warm him up and bring him back to life.

A day later, the dog was already up and about.

Police are now looking for the person who poisoned Ethan. A microchip embedded in his body helped track down his owner, who claims he recently gave Ethan away.

[photo via AP]