George McGovern, the war hero and U.S. senator who ran against incumbent President Richard M. Nixon in 1972, died today at a hospice care center near his home in South Dakota. He was 90. We've collected a few amazing moments — like the one above — from the Democratic senator's amazing life.

McGovern, who remained resolutely liberal from start to finish of his political career, was best known for his passionate opposition to the Vietnam War and his efforts to end hunger. Though he famously lost to Nixon, winning just 17 electoral votes to the incumbent's 520, he remained an important unwavering liberal voice in politics for many years to come.

McGovern with a young Bill Clinton — then chairman of the state Democratic Party — and a campaign worker in 1972.

Another photo of McGovern and Castro, from a 1975 trip to Cuba. McGovern was an outspoken opponent of the embargo against Cuba.

McGovern in a training plane. McGovern was a decorated pilot who flew several bombing missions over Germany during World War II.

McGovern with Senator John F. Kennedy on the campaign trail in 1960.

Warren Beatty outside the Beverly Hills campaign headquarters in 1972.

McGovern with Senator Bob Dole in 1970.

McGovern on Face the Nation in 1972.

Bill Clinton and McGovern at a 2007 dedication of the George and Eleanor McGovern Library in Mitchell, S.D.

[NYT; photos via AP]