Continuing a fall from grace so epic that it rivals the span of, say, the Tour de France, ex-Nike bestie Lance Armstrong is now facing charges of bribery, in addition to allegations that he ran a doping ring among fellow cyclists. If you have not already set fire to your copy of It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, feel free to do so now.

In a 2006 deposition uncovered by CBS News in Australia, New Zealand cyclist Stephen Swart claims that Phil Anderson, another crooked cycling champ with a fake inspirational book, was present when Armstrong offered a member of an opposing team $50,000 to fix a series of three races. The winner of the series would get $1 million. Armstrong, a man of his word, won the series and allegedly paid the member from the opposing team in cash.

Of course, Armstrong denies the allegation, and we totally believe him because we have never once felt deceived by him in our lives.

[CBS News; photo via AP]