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Aaron Fisher, the 18-year-old formerly known as 'Victim 1' in the Jerry Sandusky case, gave his first interview to ABC's 20/20 Friday night. It was the first time the 18-year-old revealed his real name. The segments in which Fisher spoke were, as you'd expect, alternately sad and disturbing. Among other things, Fisher told ABC that Sandusky would wait for him outside his house, comparing the former Penn State coach to "that ex-girlfriend you wish you never had."

Fisher also said he wished to be known as something other than a victim. "Victim means people feel sympathy for you. I don't want that," Fisher said. "I would rather be somebody that did something good."

Of course, these moments weren't enough for 20/20. Instead of relying on the interview alone, Chris Cuomo went into full on hero journalist mode, confronting Fisher's former principal and coach outside of their school.

"That's all you got?" Cuomo asked Fisher's former coach Steve Turchetta, who Fisher says repeatedly pulled him out of class to meet with Sandusky, after Turchetta asked the 20/20 team to turn off their cameras.

And Cuomo literally chased after Fisher's former principal Karen Probst, who Fisher's mother says initially took Sandusky's side, as Probst ran away from the camera crew.

Earlier this month, Sandusky was sentenced to 30-60 years in jail.