In case you guys were worried about not having any Lindsay Lohan news today, here you go: this afternoon, her attention whore of a father, Michael Lohan, and several others attempted to stage an intervention outside the Mitt Romney supporter's Beverly Hills home. In an "Exclusive" interview on TMZ, Michael said he was worried about Lindsay because she's been hanging out with all the wrong people, including "some guy named Klaus." While it's impossible to know whether this is an attention grabbing stunt on Michael's part or a legitimate attempt to help his daughter, it goes without saying that anyone named Klaus is terrible fucking news.

Anyway, this most recent incident was spurred because Lindsay reportedly missed post-production work for her upcoming bangfest, The Canyons. The intervention attempt didn't last long, though; someone at Lindsay's home called 911 and reported Michael and his crew for trespassing.

And thus concludes your Friday evening Lohan update.

[Image via AP]