Tiny adult Daniel Radcliffe has broken up with his girlfriend Rosie Coker, according to a recent story published in the Daily Mail and confirmed by her father.

Radcliffe met Coker in 2007 on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where she was a production assistant. They began dating four years later, after he'd hung up his pointy witch's shoes for good. Before splitting up, the couple had been living in sin in Radcliffe's $4.3M apartment in the West Village.

When contacted by the Daily Mail for comment, Coker's father, Malcolm, who runs a painting and decorating business (according to a scandalous rumor published by the Mail, Coker's mother "is believed to design birthday cards"), came so close to saying what his daughter probably wanted to say—which is nothing—but tripped up a little bit at the end.

"Rosie's not in this country at the moment. She's trying to move on. She won't want to talk about it."

Call your father, Rosie. He just wants to check in.

As for what kind of woman will fill the rose-shaped void in Radcliffe's heart: judging by past paramours, his type is very normal looking girls with hair that's alright and a face that's whatever. Every single woman reading this has an equal shot.

So go out there and land your Dan, ladies.

[Daily Mail // Image of Daniel Radcliffe and Angela Lansbury via Getty]