Most voters may have already put Paul Ryan's faker-than-usual soup kitchen photo op in their rearview, but the charity that runs the hunger relief center says it is still dealing with the financial ramifications of "Dishwatergate."

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society president Brian J. Antal said the soup kitchen has lost many donors since the mini-scandal broke out.

"I can't say how much [in] donations we lost," Antal said, but noted that financial losses have been "substantial."

Antal made headlines shortly after the photo op when he told the Washington Post that Ryan and his handlers did not have permission to enter the soup kitchen, and Ryan "did nothing" while he was there.

In addition to evaporating funds, soup kitchen volunteers have also suffered hundreds of menacing phone calls and the charity's Facebook page has been inundated with nasty comments.

But the tide appears to be turning: News of the soup kitchen's crisis has prompted many to send messages of support to the charity and as much money as they can spare.

"I don't have a ton to give, but its crazy that you're losing donations from that political stunt," wrote one Facebook user. "I feel much better donating to you, than to either political campaign."

[photo via AP]