When we hear about unmarried young couples living together in sin, we're like "Sure, kids these days are living in sin, rejecting god, and fornicating nightly in Lucifer's glory, what else is new?" But now we hear that older couples are also living together in sin. Aren't you older couples old enough to know the teachings of Jesus, about not living in sin?

Worrying new news from the United States Department of Finding Out How Sinful We Are, a.k.a. the Census Bureau: it's not just young heathens shacking up together, now, sexing, out of wedlock, yes, that's right, we all know what you're doing in your so-called household—sex. Old people are doing the same thing now. Having learned from the youth. And what of the church? Totally unmentioned. Our lips are pressed firmly together in silent condemnation. USA Today reports:

— 41% of cohabiting couples have kids living with them.

— 47% are 35 and older, and 13% are 55 and over.

The number of old couples living in sin has doubled, and the worst part to contemplate is the innocence of the children, shattering. "Ma, Pa," they ask in their angelic young voices, "what are those sounds of the sex doing coming from your chambers? For we are not too young to know that you are not joined in holy blessed matrimony." Their only reply: further grunts and moans of unmarried fucking, from their elders.

It's one of those vicious cycles they always talk about in the Bible—a Bible stained with the sexuality of the old. Congratulations. You did this.

[USA Today. Photo of the new face of American sin: Eric Chan/ Flickr]