A recent graduate of Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, shocked an entire community by tweeting nude photos of a substitute teacher he claims he had sex with while still a student.

Justin Foster told his Twitter followers yesterday afternoon that he had a "treat" for Cosby students both past and present that would be revealed later that night.

After getting sufficiently "hammered," Foster began uploading nude photos of a woman he claimed was Anna Michelle Walters, along with several text messages allegedly proving their past dalliance.

Cosby had apparently been tipped off to the alleged relationship prior to Foster's online revelation, and launched an immediate investigation that resulted in Walters' termination last Friday.

A separate police investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Foster — who some claim released the photos as part of a fraternity initiation — is basking in the glow of his Internet infamy, retweeting hundreds upon hundreds of comments from followers and other well-wishers who consider him a "legend" for "successfully fulfilling every guys (sic) high school fantasy."

[images via @DubVeeU]