Last month we told you that burgeoning teenage rapper Chief Keef was riding his legal troubles to Kanye remixes and tracks with Young Jeezy. This month, those same legal troubles might find the 17-year-old Keef behind bars.

Keef's origin myth says that he filmed his first hit video for the song "I Don't Like" at his grandmother's South Chicago home while on house arrest. The full story is that the reason Keef was originally arrested is because he got caught pointing a gun at a police officer. Besides a stint of house arrest that he's since served to completion, Keef was also ordered to serve 18 months of probation, the conditions of which said he wasn't to come in contact with guns, illegal drugs, or gang members.

Owing to Keef's well-known predilection for weed and gang associates-cum-rap affiliates, it's pretty unlikely that he's not been around illegal drugs or gang members in recent months. But what we can be sure of is that Keef has been around guns of late, as Pitchfork videotaped the teenager shooting guns and freestyling at a New York City-area gun range earlier this year. Pitchfork has since apologized for and deleted the gun-range video, but not before Chicago prosecutors saw it, and now they want Keef in jail.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Prosecutors argued he violated the probation by having a gun in a video posted online. They pointed to a recorded media interview the rapper did in June at a gun range in New York, where he can be seen with a gun. That's a probation violation, prosecutors argued, because his probation bans him from having any guns or illegal drugs or associating with gang members.

He also didn't get his GED by the deadline set in his probation, prosecutors said.

A judge has set a hearing for the Keef case next month. If he's found guilty of violating his probation, he could be snatched from the hip-hop stage and thrown back into juvenile detention, and all before his 18th birthday.