Remember how "Trapped in the Closet" ended five years ago? Me neither. I barely remember what happened at all, but whatever, it's back — on Nov. 23, IFC will broadcast a bunch of new chapters. R. Kelly has released the first of the new batch, Chapter 23, in advance. I know that the series quickly unraveled into goofiness, revealing itself as intentional camp instead of the more engaging ambiguous strain of the sensibility. It went from "Is it or isn't it?" to, " is" way too fast.

However, this latest installment takes it to another level of self-consciousness. R. Kelly in his smart-guy glasses narrates from a chair and breaks the fourth wall. Early on, he preach-sings, "Could this be another case of what goes around comes back around / And what goes up must come ... / Well, y'all've heard the saying, y'all get the point / Let me get back to the story / ‘Cause these next chapters of 'Trapped in the Closet' is gonna be so crazy…"

"Crazy" is probably the word for it. Still, it's fun have new chapters of this incredibly silly series back in pop culture (R&B could always use an injection of humor). I feel really happy to see Twan again, too, even though I'm not exactly sure why...

[via Stereogum]