Engaged couple and perfect criminals because who would ever suspect them Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are reportedly planning to pull off their most daring heist yet or maybe just get married this weekend, according to multiple reports.

Timberlake and Biel began dating in 2007 and have been engaged since last December, when Justin proposed while the couple was vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is unknown how many thousands of dollars in ransom and stolen property they have amassed since partnering up, and also who designed Biel's wedding dress.

Based on information leaked to Us Weekly and Life & Style, the 2012 Bonnie & Clyde aren't even pretending they're not kidnapping their friends and families this weekend.

Biel and Timberlake have already warned their captives, whom they cruelly refer to as "guests," not to even think about calling for help or attempting to document their ordeal:

"…little information was given. Guests were warned that any phones or cameras would be confiscated, so best to leave them at the hotel."

The "guests" were also forced to sign confidentiality agreements, in effect promising, on penalty of death, never to go to the police with details about the beautiful, romantic wedding ceremony they will soon be attending, or about the horrors to which Biel and Timberlake will soon subject them.

Needless to say, the couple is keeping the location of their Safe House fairly secret.

"[Guests] were told just to fly to Italy," shares an insider.

The decision to bring their prisoners to Italy is a curious one, as Italian law forbids the payment of ransom to kidnappers. This could mean either that Biel and Timberlake have spent months planning the destination wedding of a lifetime or that they are planning to transport their "guests" to another location (North Africa?) once they have gotten them off American soil.

Us reports that Biel was spotted in a Parisian bridal boutique last week "in a really good mood," fantasizing about all the ways in which she would soon torture the people closest to her.

Justin's bachelor party was held in September.

[Us/Life & Style // Image via Getty]